Hi, I'm Candice

Here's a little insight into my journey that led me here...

As a very skinny girl growing up I was teased constantly about how I looked.

Comments like ‘Do you even eat?’ were the norm (even though I ate all the time!) 

As a teen, my friends were developing a lot quicker than me.

I was told I ‘looked like a girl’ and I should ‘eat more to put some meat on my bones’ because I didn’t have curves.

This made me feel like I constantly had to prove myself & everyone around me that I was actually ‘normal’…

I did modelling throughout my late teens and early 20’s and instead of growing my confidence, as a naturally shy girl, it did the opposite.

At 21, I was the skinniest I’d been since leaving school, but at 1.76m tall and a straight size 8, I was still the ‘wider’ and ‘shorter’ girl in castings.

I soon found myself covering up more and more. 

Looser clothing, extra padded bra’s and flat shoes became my norm.

In the years that followed I adopted numerous bad habits along with a large dose of self-doubt

After loosing my father suddenly in 2013, followed by my uncle and grandmother within a few months, I found myself extremely depressed and experiencing bouts of major anxiety in the form of digestive issues, nausea and pulpitations

During this period it wasn’t bad all the time. I took big steps in my career, I was forced to connect more with my emotions and spirituality, and to learn that my lifestyle and habits were no longer serving me and needed to change.

So, fast forward 7 years, tons of inner work and therapy, entering and leaving my corporate career, changes to my lifestyle and nutrition, moving cities (again) and becoming an Image Consultant, as well as building my business as a Personal Style Coach…

i can finally say this...

I know how it feels to not like who's looking back at you in the mirror, and to just feel overwhelmed daily!

But here's the thing...

Here is your reminder that your worth is not measured by your waistline!

You are your greatest asset and everything that makes you who you are is perfectly unique!
You are 100% worth it and deserve to FEEL GOOD in your skin, EVERY day so you can show up confidently for yourself and others!

Trust me when I say there's no better time to start accepting and respecting yourself than NOW!

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